Ayurvedic Yoga Massage is a combination of oil massage, deep tissue massage, passive yoga stretching and breath work. This unique massage style was developed by Master Kusum Modak in Pune, India who combined her knowledge of traditional Ayurvedic massage and B.K.S Iyengar influenced yoga stretching to create Ayurvedic Yoga Massage. 

The massage begins with an oil massage to warm and soften the muscles. The oil is combined with Calamus root powder to exfoliate, rejuvenate, improve circulation and heat the muscles quickly. Deep tissue massage then begins, to remove knots and release tensions. Once the muscles are relaxed and softened, the body is ready for passive yoga stretching and mobilisations. This improves postural imbalances and releases physical and emotional blockages in the body. Through synchronised breath the body becomes relaxed and open, so that the yoga stretches can become deeper.  This deep rhythmic breathing activates the parasympatheic nervous system and tensions are released. The overall experience is one of a moving meditation. 

The treatment will be tailored to you. Carolyn will ensure the massage is suitable for your body, whether you are a yoga practitioner, a sports person with muscular tension, or someone who is relatively inactive and looking to improve your overall health and wellbeing. 

Carolyn has a treatment room in East London.



  • £60 for 60 minutes

  •  £80 for 90 minutes


Touch Elixir: Ceremonial Cacao and Healing Massage


With Carolyn and Shardai 



Known as the 'Elixir of the Gods', Cacao has been used for many centuries as a natural medicine which connects you deeply to the essence of your heart and all of its gifts. Initiating creativity, sensuality and love to flow freely. Ceremonial grade cacao contains anandamide, known as the 'bliss molecule' which activates the heart and releases the same feelings as when we are deeply in love.

During the session as you ease into cacao's blissful embrace, Carolyn will tune in to your body and begin a healing intuitive massage. At the same time, Shardai will use Shamanic energy healing, songs and drumming to assist in deeper states of trance and meditation where spontaneous healing can naturally occur while your body stretches, realeases and surrenders deeper and deeper. 

The healing power of touch resonates deeply during a cacao journey. To unlock tension on a deeper level, the massage will focus on the areas in your body that are in need of attention. She will then work with your body as a holistic whole, through deeper bodywork and passive stretching. 

Each session will be intuitive and individual to your needs, we will adapt the process to fit with your intention and essentially what your heart is calling for.


What you receive:

  • Warm Cacao Elixir 

  • Intuitive Massage 

  • Shamanic energy healing 

  • Drumming/singing journey

  • Grounding meditation 


90 minutes £180

2 hours £220






What clients say about Carolyn....


"This was my first experience of Ayurvedic Yoga Massage and as a keen yoga student I was excited to see what it was all about. Carolyn has such a calming presence that I was relaxed and had complete trust in her throughout and handed over my body for her to do her magic! I would describe it as a mix of deep tissue massage, fascia releasing assisted stretching and relaxing massage. She guides you gently through the process and focusses on trouble areas specific to your body and uncovers problems you didn't realise were there (then fixes them!). It was a perfect balance of pain and pleasure and I felt GREAT afterwards...I  would recommend it over any other type of massage, especially if you practice yoga. Just breathe and she'll do the rest..." 


"I had an amazing experience with Carolyn, feeling totally relaxed the whole way through. My body just opened up to the treatment giving my muscles and my mind a burst of life"


"The massage with Carolyn was excellent! I really needed a deep massage to undo all the knots and tightness after a week of no exercise over Christmas and Carolyn worked her magic leaving me feeling great the next day! She was firm but intuitive in knowing how much pressure I could bear on my tighter areas! Highly recommended!!