Wellbeing at work is now a major focus for many employers. Yoga and mindfulness boost resiliency,  reduce cortisol (the stress hormone), and are equally as effective as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) as an effective intervention to stress. 


We specialise in, and are passionate about, wellness at work. Whether you are hosting a wellbeing event, or your company has an ongoing commitment to workplace wellbeing, we can help. Pick and choose from our range of options; varying from short talks on wellness at work, tailored workshops, to guided meditations, yoga classes, and massage therapists in the office. We also create tailored packages based on your company's requirements. Working with a range of experts, including psychologists, holistic therapists, nutritionists, and health food chefs, to deliver informative, research-based, wellbeing practices to employees. 


We offer a yoga practice that is proven to down regulate the nervous system, reduces stress, improve resilience and promote physical and mental well being. Our yoga at work classes are for accessible for all levels. 

We can come to your workplace to teach. If you don't have space, we can source a suitable venue close by. 

Choose from a one-off class, or a weekly course. 


Mindfulness techniques can transform your experience at work by improving resilience and productivity. Mindfulness helps you to stay mentally focused and balanced, even in a stressful environment. We teach guided meditation, classes for beginners, and mindfulness workshops. We offer a toolkit of practices that can be easily integrated into life at work, such as breathing practice, guided meditations and accupressure points. All the mindfulness practices we each are research backed.   


Release tension and stress with massage at work. Our massage therapists can visiting your workplace either on a regular basis, or for a one off wellbeing event. 


Stress at work or long periods of sitting at a desk often causes muscular tension and pain in the body. We use a massage technique which focuses on these common complaints from those who work long hours. Regular massage rehabilitates the body and prevents long term injury and illness, such as sciatica, migraines, and chronic pain.